See the car and meet the team at Cantrell Motorsports April 28!

A brand new season and a brand new look—but our commitment remains the same.

2014 marks a year of big changes for Team Seattle. Our focus remains the same. Winning—winning races and winning for the kids at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Welcome to The Heart of Racing. I'm Don Kitch, and together with my wife Donna, we have been partnered in motorsports for over 25 years—that covers my racing career, developing Proformance Racing School in the Seattle area, and the creation of the Team Seattle "racing for children" guild.

Since 1997 we've been dedicated to raising money for pediatric cardiac care and to date we've raise over $5,000,000. And we now realize that was just the beginning. 2014 ushers in a new chapter that we're so excited to open.

We've amassed an amazing team—The Heart of Racing team—that we know will get us to our goals...Win! Win!

Alex Job Racing. We are so fortunate to have Alex and his talented, dedicated team with us to help put the best car on the track, the best drivers in the car, and the most professional operations we could have hoped for. Alex simply wins. He wakes up each day thinking of one thing, "How are we going to win?" His passion, experience, and direction is absolutely invaluable. And when he learned about the fundraising component of our effort for pediatric cardiac care, he was all in. Racing with meaning not only touched him, it now drives him to help us reach our goals as we take on the 2014 season.

Gabe Newell. Team Seattle has had many sponsors over the years for which we are so thankful, but we rarely have had a true partner from an ownership standpoint—until this year. Gabe Newell is what all drivers and teams want—an engaged, passionate owner. While his financial resources and commitment are critical, it's his curiosity for the world of motorsports that sets him apart. He's learning our industry so quickly and is committed to understanding it. He is directly involved in every aspect of building our team and is contributing new ideas in ways like no other owner we've ever seen. It's refreshing and exciting. But most importantly, Gabe wants to win on the track as much as he wants us to make a significant difference in the lives of the kids at Seattle Children's. That's the number one reason he's here. He's an extraordinary owner.