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2014 24 Hours at Daytona

Race Recap

The joy of driving the #23 car at Daytona was so much greater knowing with every lap we were raising more money for the hospital. Every time I get in the car I am super proud to be a part of The Heart of Racing program and the help it is providing for the kids in Seattle and around the country. Roll on Sebring
- Ian James, Driver

Team Seattle's "The Heart of Racing" campaign at the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona was very successful from all standpoints. The 23-car raced well, leading the race at times and running in the top five a good portion of the night. The GTD field was incredibly competitive the entire race. Two minor mechanical challenges in the dark hours of Sunday morning caused the car to fall back a bit. The final blow to a top-ten finish was a 30-minute pit stop Sunday morning to replace a failed motor part.

All in all the car is good and going to get better. This is a new car that is still in development and we need a bit more in performance to be able to run with Ferrari and Audi. We are asking for more from Porsche and consideration from IMSA, the sanctioning body, and both are responding with support and we should see more out of the car at the next race, The 12 Hours at Sebring.

From our fundraising effort, obviously we are elated with the result. We came home with $500,000 for the kids and that number is continuing to grow. All this has exceeded our expectations. Daytona is the first of twelve races in the series and we plan on fundraising at each race. So, we are off to a very exciting start.

At this point are entire focus is on Sebring - the race takes the green flag at 10:30 am, Saturday, March 15. In preparation for this race, "The Heart of Racing" 23-car will participate in two days of testing at Sebring next week.

We look forward to seeing a large group of supporters at Sebring cheering us on!

About the Race

The 24 Hours at Daytona, the most famous sports car endurance race in America, runs January 25-26, 2014 at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. This grueling race is a test of both man and machine. Purpose-built and production-based race cars from all over the world compete simultaneously on a 3.56 mile road course for 24 consecutive hours. Brands like Porsche, Corvette, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, and BMW will be represented.

The race is conducted on a closed course (no public streets are used) that has 11 turns (some of which are banked as much as 31°). Average lap speeds are about 100 mph with high speeds reaching 190 mph+. The race distance is about 650-700 laps (almost 2,500 miles). During the 24-hour race each car will consume 88 tires, 2 sets of brake pads, and over 520 gallons of fuel.

The Heart of Racing team will bring four drivers to Daytona, each rotating for 2-hour stints around the clock. Our drivers are Ian James from Britain (@Ijracer1), Mario Farnbacher from Germany (@MarioFBR), Alex Riberas from Spain (@AlexRiberas), and Marco Holzer from Germany (@MarcoHolzer).